Extension UFF


Extension is how university connect with society through several actions. As the name suggests, it means to extend the university beyond its walls, interacting with the community with the purpose of exchanging knowledge. That’s how we build a quality public university.

"The University Extension, under the constitutional principle of the indivisibility between Education, Research and Extension, is an educational, cultural, scientific and political interdisciplinary process that promotes the transforming interaction between University and other sectors of society (... )" (FORPROEX, 2012).

The extension policy is established from the National Extension Plan, formulated by the Pro-Rectors National Forum of Extension in Brazilian Public Universities.


Extension Institutionalization

Extension National Plan

Development of academic institutions.

Organization and Systemization

Basic information useful to new directors and participants of University Extension in Brasil.

National Evaluation of Extension

An evaluation parameter of the Higher Education Institution.

Indivisibility Education-Extension-Reserach 

Awareness of the university community and other spheres of society in relation to the social commitment of the Higher Education Institutions and the institutionalization of curricular flexibility.

Institutionalization of the Extension in Brazilian Public Universities

Process for implementing and consolidating the Brazilian University Extension Evaluation.